Dr. Jorn, a NY State Licensed clinical psychologist, has over 20 years experience in Psychotherapy in private practice as well as clinical settings.  Because of her broad-based background in the field, her strength is in expeditiously and accurately sorting out and taking command of complex multi-faceted emotional/psychological issues in order to provide objective assessments and develop appropriate treatment plans as needed. She has worked with a broad spectrum of psychological issues from mild adjustment disorders to severe pathologies.

Dr. Jorn has considerable experience treating:

• Depression (from clients with mild situational problems to those with chronic, recurrent depression and bipolar depression)
• Anxiety disorders, using both cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques
• Panic disorders (including agoraphobia)
• Simple phobias, social anxiety
• Post traumatic stress disorder
• Obsessive compulsive disorder
• Personality disorders, impulse control problems and adjustment disorders


Dr. Konnor has a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to her practice and is not tethered to one particular psychoanalytic modality.  Rather, recognizing that each of her patients has unique needs, Dr. Konnor draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches that best fit each patient.  Through her experience, she is able to quickly assess which techniques will work best to meet each client’s individual needs. She believes that most clients understand what they would like to accomplish or achieve through therapy, but don’t know the way or have the right tools to reach their optimal comfort level in their careers, families, and relationships. Her expertise is in bridging the gap and finding the shortest pathway between where clients are and where they want to be.


Dr. Paula Konnor Jorn brings a variety of therapeutic approaches to her coaching clients and is able to quickly assess the techniques that will work best to meet each client’s individual needs. As a pragmatic, results-oriented therapist, she focuses on the “here and now” to help her clients as quickly and effectively as possible.

Dr. Jorn views herself as a facilitator to help client’s reach their personal goals by providing a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere in which people can begin to successfully face life’s challenges.  Whether struggling with difficult change, confronted with loss, or stuck in old, unproductive behavioral patterns, Dr. Jorn strives for her patients to reconcile emotional conflicts and develop positive behavioral patterns in a step-by-step measurable way.  The objective of therapy should be more than gaining insight into oneself.  It is ultimately about change, to live a positive, healthy lifestyle with the confidence to handle the short-term and long-term difficulties that we must face in a productive way.