Has it ever concerned you just how many life coaches have cropped up in the last few years and how to tell the differences between them?  It is very important to seek the advice and counsel of a professional that is highly trained in psychology in order to have the full advantages that will help you meet your life goals with a background rooted in solid training and experience.  As a Clinical Psychologist I have watched the evolution of psychology for over 20 years while practicing in three different countries and what has become most clear is that the client has less time and more challenges to overcome than ever before.  The current environment no longer allows for the luxury of Fruedian psychoanalysis where the patient could spend 5 days a week reflecting on their inner most thoughts and ultimately develop better methods of coping. The reason I incorporated life coaching into a practice of psychology is to allow for more goal directed and action oriented therapy.

The fast paced schedules of our society call for a quick understanding of the obstacles that are standing in the way of a better life style, career or relationships. In a safe therapeutic relationship we can work on the crippling fear that underpins most of the perceived problems we encounter.  In our first meetings we will collaborate about what the problems are that block you, then move into a plan of action to resolve the problem, minimize the obstacles, then take concrete actions to help remove the problems blocking and together move through the next transition.  It is typically not circumstances, such as family, career or  that are standing in the way, it is our perception and responses to these that creates the fears and subsequent blocks.